Thursday, September 23, 2010

I am back !

As I had mentioned in my entry note, I fell a victim to my laziness and did not put any of my thoughts on this Blog.

Last few weeks have been hectic,  Nirupama's betrothal, the to and train travel, followed immediately by the untimely and unexpected demise of my dear friend Bharathan. I once again rushed back to Kerala to be present at the Sanchayanam rites of his mortal remains at his Quilon residence.  I met Nani who appeared to be in a daze, speechless and shattered.  I pray that she picks up and start attending to the domestic and business chores, the latter job she, I hope, has acquired some competence, thanks to the foresight of her huband who took particular care make her accompany him to the office every day, there to sit and attend to the routine business matters.

Back to the routine at Chennai, a meeting here another there, a visit to the bank, to the EB, some shopping, etc. etc. Missed Lodge Madras meeting as usual because of sheer laziness or probably the telecast of cricket matches ! Taking Thankam out today for a movie and later visit Raju, Bindu and children. So it is another day going out and the mind engaged in planning and dreaming for something better to happen tomorrow !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Origin of This Blog

I have often been defined as a " collector " than a " user " of gadgets, books and such things we usually deal with in our day to day life.  I have all forms of computers but am not quite at home in using them. I enjoy having them rather than putting them to use !  I am a reader but not a writer.  When I read, I wish I should write.  Good writing requires ability, attitude and application.  Application needs effort and effort needs patience.  I don't have both these virtues.  So I restrict myself to reading, thinking and forgetting ! Here I am trying to shirk off laziness and apply myself to good writing by setting up this blog and starting to put in my thoughts on it.  Please hold my hand !